Aerobic Fitness Facts

Aerobic Fitness Facts – review

Aerobic fitness is a phrase most people are familiar with but few probably realize its origin or its importance. In the late 60’s Dr. Kenneth Cooper and physical therapist, Pauline Potts developed the system of aerobic exercise. You see Cooper was puzzled by the fact that people in good physical condition from lifting weights were poorly equipped for distance and performance tasks. Through research and development, the two came up with the groundbreaking Aerobics, first published in 1968.

What these professionals had learned was that everyone needs aerobic fitness exercises. The word aerobic means with oxygen, and is the main focus of this type of exercise. Increasing blood flow and oxygen use by the body has many health benefits.


To truly be effective you must understand the difference between true aerobic fitness exercises and anaerobic exercise. Generally, aerobic is defined as exercise performed over a long period of time at a moderate intensity level. For example, long distance running at a moderate pace is aerobic in nature while a short sprint is not, even though the latter will get your heart pumping it is marked by short bursts of energy and not prolonged cardiovascular exercise. The benefits of a good aerobic fitness routine include but are not limited to:

* Stronger respiratory muscles, improving lung function
* Improved heart function- aerobic exercise enlarges and strengthens the heart muscle
* Reduced blood pressure
* Improved circulation
* Increased red blood cells
* Reduction of stress
* Alleviates depression
* Better mood
* Lowers risk of diabetes
* All over muscle strength

Potential Aerobic Routines

There are hundreds if not thousands of potential aerobic fitness routines you can engage in, some are complicated others are straightforward. What you need to know is what constitutes aerobic exercise. Opinions will vary, however a good rule of thumb is as follows:

* Non-stop for 15 minutes or longer
* Use large muscles of hips and buttocks
* Performing at nearly max breathing and heart rate capacity- heart rate= 220- (current age) you should be breathing heavily, but not out of breath.

Dance is fun and there are some aerobic fitness routines that incorporate dance moves, however if you cannot achieve the above criteria it is probably not the best aerobic routine you could do. Very few songs last at least 15 minutes, which may lead to lulls between movements.

Some of the best exercises you can do are running, jogging or even power walking. Where you begin will depend on your current fitness level, but remember no matter where you are now you can always improve if you stick with it. If you are completely out of shape and overweight you might want, to begin with something low impact such as swimming or water aerobics.


There is more to aerobic fitness exercise than meets the eye. It is a great way to improve overall physical and mental health while at the same time shedding pounds. As you, exercise your body will first use carbohydrates for fuel, when these are depleted your body will switch over to burning fat.

Aerobic Fitness Facts

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