Body Language And Lying review

How do you pick up body language and lying? First of all, it was probably the body language the person was sending that told you they were lying. There are so many ways to tell if someone is lying. You do not have to be a body language expert to pick up on the signs.

Anyone can read the signs of a body language and lying although some signs are more difficult to read than others. Some things to look for if you are suspicious are blushing and sweating. When a person is lying, the body reacts and begins to sweat, the person’s blood pressure goes up and the face becomes flushed.

The sweat may be running off of them but their mouth will be dry and they will probably be licking their lips frequently or swallowing a lot more. If there is a glass of water nearby they will also be taking lots of little drinks sips.

Body Language And Lying


Keep you eye on what their eyes are doing. When someone is lying they will either avoid looking at you altogether or look down and to the right. Some practiced liars will force themselves to make and hold eye contact but it will seem forced to the observer and at the last second when the lie comes out then they will look away.

Also, if the person gets fidgety they may be lying. Some people are naturally nervous and their fidgeting makes it more difficult to figure out if they are lying but in general, if someone is nervous and fidgety they are trying to cover something up. The fidgeting means that they are uncomfortable and are trying to find a way to divert attention from the questions they are being asked.

If they cover their mouth or keep their hands in front of their face when they are talking they are probably lying to you. Sometimes when people lie they try to hide it by covering up their face or mouth with their hands. If they cannot leave their face alone then they are probably being untruthful.

Gesturing is also another good way to catch someone in a lie. The gestures someone who is lying uses are exaggerated and do not line up with what they are saying. The exact opposite can be true also, the person doing the lying may remain calm and not move much in an attempt to get away with the lie. If they do not move they think they will not give anything away.

Defensive postures are another good sign someone is lying. Sitting with arms and legs crossed or turning their body away means they are trying to protect themselves from the confrontation. Also, attempting to block the confronter with an object kept between them is a very common practice.

This is a comprehensive list of things that someone who is lying will do to try to get away with whatever it is they have done. Learn these well and you will be able to tell when anyone is lying. From now on you will even find yourself watching people very closely to see if you can detect body language and lying.


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