Body Language Hands On Hips

If you are trying to communicate with body language hands on hips can mean many things.
You may place your hands on your hips when you are trying to intimidate someone. This is done so you appear bigger and more threatening to the other person, especially if you are a man.

Women may use body language hands on hips if they are trying to attract the attention of the opposite sex. One hand on the hip can mean they are trying to be seductive and look sexy. Of course, both hands on the hips can mean they do not want to have anything to do with the man who seems interested and they are trying to look disinterested or even moody.

Placing your hands on your hips could just mean that you are bored with the present situation or simply that you do not know what else to do with your hands. People will place their hands on their hips if they feel threatened or get frustrated, this can be considered a type of defensive posture to protect themselves from attack.

Body Language Hands On Hips


Be careful though, if you travel to Mexico putting your hands on your hips is a sign of hostility and could get you into trouble.

Human beings react in certain ways to every situation by the way they hold themselves. This is called using body language to express how we feel. Some of the reactions used are almost instinctual and they may not even know they are giving away exactly how they feel by how they are standing or with the look on their face.

Body language will tell you how someone is feeling even though their words are saying something completely different. You can tell if someone is lying to you if you know the signs. If you ask a question and the person responds with a lie then he will most likely look down and to the left and may get nervous, start sweating profusely and get fidgety.

If you are out on the town and see someone across the room, how do you know if she is interested in you? There are body language signs that will tell you. Does she touch her hair or flip it over her shoulder all while looking in your direction? If she does she is probably interested. f she is interested she will turn her body and point her feet in your direction and hold your gaze in an intimate embrace. She will look your way frequently as well.

Be wary though, if she looks your way then leans in to her friends and says something to them and they all start laughing then turns her back to you she is probably not interested and is saying something derogatory about you to them. It would be in your best interest to steer clear of this situation.

However, if she is looking at you then leans in and says something to her friends and then they all turn to look at you and she opens her stance toward you then uses body language hands on hips to try to look more seductive to you, she is interested and they are sizing you up to make sure you are good enough for their friend. It would be good for you to get up and go introduce yourself at this point so you can see if you past the test.


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