Body Language Science review

Body Language Science

Body language science is study of how we use non-verbal signs and signals that everyone sends out in every situation from casual social situations to sitting with your co-workers in a million dollar client meeting.

The signs and signals can be subtle or not so subtle depending on who uses them and in the situation they are being used. Subtle body language consists of small muscle movements of the face or eyes and small finger and hand movements or positions. Not so subtle body language is the position of the body, posture, gestures, and facial expressions used when dealing with another person or group of people.

Body language science is very important when we need to understand our fellow human beings especially when the words they say do not convey what they really mean. Non-verbal communication conveys your message exactly even though you may not have uttered a single word.

Reading body language really is not that hard, you already do it. You have since you were¬† young. Remember that look from your mom that told you you were in trouble when you were a kid? Your mom got mad and all she had to do was look at you with her hands on her hips and you jumped up and stood at attention. That was you reading your mom’s body language.

The study of body language is fascinating. You can tell anything about a person if you pay attention to the signals they are sending. Body language is one of the main ways how we make first impressions. First impressions are important so if you are going for a job interview make sure to put your best foot forward and study up on some body language techniques so you can make that all important good first impression.

Posture is the way you sit or stand. If the person you are studying is standing or sitting up straight and looking people in the eye as they speak, their body is saying that they are confident, in control, and are telling the truth. Someone who is sitting slouched over, looking down or away, seems less confident and insecure. Someone exhibiting this behavior is more likely not to be trusted.

When you see something or someone you like your body will respond in certain ways. Some of these ways are noticeable to you and some are not but other people will notice them. If you see something or someone you like your eyes dilate, your eye brows arch and you smile. Your turn your body to the thing you like especially if that thing is a person and you open your body to them as an unconscious gesture of welcome. You turn your feet toward what, or who, you like as well.

The opposite is true if you do not like what, or who, is coming toward you. You will close your eyes and squint, or you will turn away, cross your arms and/or legs and maintain this defensive posture until the “threat” has passed. You will close yourself off using body language science.

Body Language Science

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