Exercise For Double Chin review

It’s hard to feel your best when you don’t look your best, and most people would agree that a double chin isn’t exactly the hallmark of a great appearance. If you have a double chin and want it gone, then there is hope. Now, it’s only fair to let you know that getting rid of fat around your chin can be very difficult, so you need to be motivated and committed to making it happen. But what about exercise for double chin?

Too many people search for that magic spell that will instantly make them thin. They believe that there is a single, one-step solution that will cause them to lose weight, and get rid of their double chin at the same time. Unfortunately, a lot of these people turn to plastic surgery which is expensive and can be risky. But we are going to use a more realistic and effective approach to get rid of the extra fat around your chin and neck.

Exercise For Double Chin


Exercise for double chin problems is either done in the neck and chin area to tone and strengthen the muscles, or overall weight loss to get rid of the fat. This is no magic spell, but by combining both types of exercise your double chin will start to melt away.

Neck exercises will help develop the muscles under your chin, and any muscle you build will burn more calories. Therefore, these exercises will serve double duty in getting rid of chin fat. The shoulder shrug is a simple and effective exercise. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a fairly heavy dumbbell in each hand and slowly shrug your shoulders. Hold for one to three seconds, and then slowly lower your shoulders again. This exercise targets the sides of the neck and will give your chin more support.

Another simple and effective exercise for a double chin is the neck and chin stretch. To do this, tilt your head backwards as far as it will comfortably go. As you hold that position, slowly open and close your mouth. As you close it you should feel a gentle stretching in your chin and neck.

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise is excellent for overall fat loss, and that includes your chin. You may not see the fat around your chin go first, but stick with it and you will start to notice the results. Running, rowing, cross-country skiing and boxing are a few examples of aerobic exercise for double chin issues.

If you really want a slimmer looking chin, then you should also watch what you eat. When you combine diet and exercise you will maximize your results, and see a more drastic improvement in a shorter amount of time. So, while we are mainly talking about exercise for double chin troubles, you can think of the diet part of it as your secret weapon to looking thinner and feeling better at the same time.

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