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For some people, going to the gym just is not enough for them to feel like they are getting the workout that they need. There are workout programs for every personality in the world. Some people do not want to be confined to a gym. Some people do not want a fun, dance club-like workout. Some people want to get out into nature. Some feel like they are not working out unless they are sweaty, bruised, and tired. For these hard-core, rugged personalities, there is a new wave of fitness. This new wave is called fitness boot camp.

As the name implies, fitness boot camp is modeled after traditional military boot camps. When new recruits join the military, they have to complete boot camp in order to graduate. The purpose of boot camp in not only physical conditioning and training, but also mental and emotional training. When a new recruit completes boot camp, they gain a sense of pride and accomplishment. They have voluntarily put themselves through what felt like hell at first. However, when they finish boot camp, they can feel like they are able to take on anything in life.

Fitness boot camp, Big Bay Boot Camp 2012

Fitness boot camp, Big Bay Boot Camp 2012—Port of San Diego (Flickr.com)

This is a great point about fitness boot camp. It inspires the participants to feel like they can take on anything. While the participants will not be kicked out of the military or the program if they feel that they cannot complete the task, they will be pushed to their limit. For many people, the push is just what they need to become tough and driven people. To this end, many fitness boot camps are actually led by retired, or off-duty military training and drill instructors. These professionals are in peak shape, and they know how to push the participants to the limit. Their mentality is to get the participant across the finish line by any means necessary. They also know how to employ tactics that makes this happen. Drill instructors use power and fear more than encouragement in a lot of cases. This might seem harsh, but some people get so paralyzed with fear, they need the shock of fear to get them to the next level. Once a person is forced to break past fear, they find that the thing they feared was not worth being afraid of in the first place.

There are many types of fitness boot camp. There are ones designed for a strictly militant experience. There are personalized boot camps that are designed by the participants. There are boot camps designed to include only certain guests. These are created as boot camp package deals. A fitness instructor, instead of a military drill instructor, will lead these most of the time.

Fitness boot camp not only builds confidence, but it can also build teamwork, and camaraderie. In fact, many businesses schedule fitness boot camp as a part of corporate team building exercises.

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