Fitness for Kids

With childhood obesity rates out of control, fitness for kids is on the minds of many people. Celebrities are even starting fitness for kids’ movements in order to do their part to address childhood obesity, and to help save their lives. This issue with childhood obesity is a relatively new issue. There used to be a time where it was rare to be the fat kid. This is because so much childhood activity was centered around physical activity, and outdoor play. When children are busy, they do not have time to lie around eating fatty snacks. Children worked up an appetite, but this is because they were genuinely hungry for a snack. They spent the day in school and after school running around, so a snack could be justified.

Now, children want snacks because many parents have programmed their kids to become entitled to fatty and unhealthy snacks. Many parents work long into the evening and far long past the time that their kids leave school for the day. When kids come home they often have to babysit themselves until the parents come home to cook dinner. Here lies the problem. The children feast on unhealthy snacks, and they do not go outside to play. On the other hand, the parents are too tired to cook healthy meals, and they bring junk home for dinner. Worse, the parents might feel guilty about leaving the kids alone, so they barter their guilt with unhealthy snacks for the kids. All of these sabotage fitness for kids.

The key for parents to take action in providing fitness for kids comes in several steps. First, they must not feel guilty for leaving the kids alone for a time. Parents do the best that they can, and moments of independence will not hurt older children. Second, if the parent knows there will be a gap in time from when the kids come home from school and when they (the parents) get home, they need to plan in order to have healthy snacks in the house. Instead of bags of chips and candy, they could provide bags of sliced apples or trail mix. Pretzels are even a better choice than potato chips. Celery sticks go very well with peanut butter. Not only is this a healthy snack, but it is a very yummy snack as well. There are steps that a parent can take to give the kids a snack, without providing too much junk.

Finally, parents can enroll their kids in after school fitness for kids programs. There are many activities and sports that will keep children occupied, and that will help them to burn off excess fat. Fitness for kids is an achievable goal, but the parents must do their part to make it happen.

Fitness for Kids


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