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Fitness videos have been around for the last 30 plus years. The fitness video industry really got off the ground when celebrities began endorsing workout videos, and participating in them. Many people, especially women, wanted these videos because they hoped to develop well-toned bodies like their favorite stars. While many celebrities still endorse, and participate in videos, many other people have developed fitness videos, and then found that they became celebrities after the videos sold well.

There are several ways to buy videos. They can be bought in retail stores, on the internet, or via the telephone number provided on an info-mercial. Many people love these videos, because they can get the fitness club experience in the privacy of their own homes. One thing that keeps people out of fitness clubs is their shyness. They might feel that they have two left feet, and they cannot keep up with the routines. Some people might be out of shape, and they are too shy to show their bodies at a fitness club. When they work out at home with a video, the pressure does not exist.

They can learn the routines at their own pace, without fear of embarrassment or judgment. It is sad, but many people put off their fitness goals, because the fear of judgment is just too strong. Fitness videos work to address this issue, and the issue of self-esteem. The message of workout videos is very encouraging. The point is to motivate the participants in a positive direction. Most workout videos are uplifting and fun. A person is not going to spend money on a video that is discouraging or boring.

One other great aspect about fitness videos is that they aim to reach the participants at their fitness level. There are videos for beginners, those who have been working out for a bit, and for experts who need a strong challenge. There are videos that have particular fitness levels built into one. For example, the instructor might perform a routine at the intermediate fitness level. However, they will instruct the beginners on some alternate routines or poses that they can do, so that they will not hurt themselves. A good video will constantly encourage the participants so that they will feel great about themselves, and stick with their

Fitness videos usually cost around $20.00 or less. They can be played on DVD players, or on computer hard drives that are equipped to show DVD videos. Then again, they can be downloaded on streaming video via many websites. Some offer their video streams free, while some might charge a subscription fee. No matter how they are accessed, they all work to help the participants get on the right track for their fitness needs.

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