Guide to the Best Home Fitness Equipment

You don’t have to go to the gym to work out. In fact, if you have a busy schedule, it will often be easier to work out at home, since you don’t have to spend time driving to the gym. On top of that, you don’t have any expensive gym membership fees to pay, and the equipment you need for working out at home is probably less expensive than you think. For cardiovascular exercise, you’ll want to buy an exercise machine. Some types of exercise machines, such as elliptical walkers, are easier on the joints than others. Strength training at home can be accomplished with free weights like dumbbells and kettlebells. Buying used home fitness equipment is a great way to save money, and used dumbbells are often pretty much indistinguishable from new ones.

When considering purchasing home fitness equipment for cardiovascular exercise, you will want something that’s inexpensive and durable so it lasts you quite a while. However, the most important consideration is that it should be something you enjoy doing. There’s no point in buying a stationary bike as a home exercise machine simply because you can find a good deal or it’s on sale when you hate exercising on a stationary bike and would prefer an elliptical walker instead. In order to give you any fitness benefits at all, home fitness equipment has to be used.

In terms of calories burned per hour while exercising, all home exercise machines are pretty much equal in that regard – it’s up to you to set the intensity of your pace while exercising. More intense exercise obviously burns more calories. Stationary bikes, elliptical walkers, and cross-county skiing machines are all good home fitness equipment for older people or people with joint problems since they are all low-impact exercises. Treadmills, on the other hand, should generally be avoided since the treadmill surface is quite hard and can aggravate joint problems and cause stress fractures.

For strength training, you probably don’t have the space or finances to buy a bunch of different strength training exercise machines like you would find in a gym. Free weights, like dumbbells, are an inexpensive and portable home fitness equipment[/easyazon_link] option for resistance training. However, you will have to learn how to do a variety of exercises with them, and you will need to have proper form while doing these exercises in order to prevent injury. It can be hard to learn proper form from pictures in a book or videos – you may want to seek out a personal trainer who can show you the proper form and tell you if you’re doing the exercises incorrectly.

Another option for strength training is the kettlebell, which is basically a heavy ball with a handle on it. Kettlebells allow you to work many muscle groups at once with a few simple exercises, and can be used to exercise core muscles which are hard to exercise using dumbbells. You should exercise caution with a kettlebell, however, as if you over-do kettlebell exercises before your core muscles are built up then you may damage your vertebrae due to the extra stress that is placed on your spine.


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