How to avoid negative stress

How to avoid negative stress Cut Down the Negative Thinking

I know some people who are almost using negative thinking as a way of life. That is very stressful.

It’s both very stressful for them and for their surrounding. It can be very tiring to hear someone taking about everything in a negative way. I had an aunt who was this way and she could go on speaking negatively for hours, and there wasn’t much to say to her. If I tried to add a couple of positive words or to turn it a bit around, she wouldn’t let me and just kept on going. At the end of the day, I often had terrible headaches.

You can’t imagine how stressful it is for you (and others), if you are in a negative thinking scheme. You use a lot of energy thinking negatively and since it is often situations you can’t change (or do not want to), you risk to go round and round without getting nowhere.

You have to stop doing that to yourself and to others. Stop the negative thinking for a minute and count your blessings.

You have a roof over your head, a bed to sleep, food, warmth, security, friends, family, a computer, internet, maybe not a perfect health but many others are much worth off. Acknowledge and accept that not everyone has these things, that you might take for granted. Even you may not have them forever. So enjoy them while you have them.

Be thankful for each day that you have. Start every morning by saying something positive about yourself.

Use positive self-talk: “I can handle this, if I take it one step at the time” or “I have done this before, there is no reason why I cannot do it again” or “I have coped with situations worse than that before, I cannot see why I shouldn’t be able to handle this”.

Visualize positive things. Think more about success. Read about successful people. You will find out that many of them have experienced failures, have been broke and some of them even have lived on the street part of their life (like Joe Vitale, who is millionaire today). How did they do? They started by stopping seeing themselves as failures. They stopped thinking negatively about themselves and their surrounding.

At one point, Joe Vitale showed gratitude for the only thing he had: A pencil.

He could do it. They could do it. You can do it, too.

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