Ready Body Language review

I think most of us know that a lot of our communication is non verbal. We say just as much, maybe even more, with our tone of voice, our facial expressions and our body language. Knowing what un-spoken signals you are giving off can be a great benefit in many social situations. To make sure you are giving off ready body language signals, keep reading.

Have you ever considered the lost opportunities that you may have had over the years because you were giving off the wrong signals for what you wanted to achieve?

For example, if you wanted to meet someone at a social gathering but you were shy and your body language was giving off signs that you weren’t available, you would lose out.

You might be interested, but just a little shy, but to someone else your failure to make eye contact, your hunched shoulders and your nervous hand movements may make you seem like a possible threat.

Ready Body Language


Instead, if you had known how to project some confidence (even if you weren’t totally feeling it inside) the other person may have been more intrigued by you and you may just have had the chance to meet!

What about that job interview? Did your nervousness cause the interviewer to think that you weren’t qualified? Remember, they probably aren’t trained in understanding the ready body language signs either so they could easily misinterpret your nervousness as something else entirely.

It’s relatively easy to get the “upper hand” in many social situations. All you need to do is to train yourself to project confidence and strength with your body language…even if that’s not really how you feel.

Also, knowing how to read the body language of others can help you out a lot too.

Here areĀ  a few things to keep in mind:

1. Stand up tall. Always be aware of your posture. Today, many people tend to “hunch”. This does not instill confidence in others. Stand up tall, keep your head held up (better for your neck too) stomach in and shoulders back.

Practice this in the mirror and keep working on it until it becomes habit. It is important that you practice in the mirror though, otherwise you may be over compensating which can make you look really weird!

2. When shaking hands find a good middle ground. A really hard handshake will come of as being overly aggressive and may seem like you are over compensating for something.

A weak handshake makes you look …. well, weak. And if you shake hands with a woman, don’t insult her by giving some little squeeze. You obviously don’t want to hurt her, but a nice firm handshake will do a lot to show you are confidant in yourself but that you respect her as well.

Just like Goldilocks: not too hard, not too soft, just right.

3. And for crying out loud… smile. A sincere smile will instantly help put others at ease and it says some really nice things about you too.

A smile shows not only self confidence but also happiness and approachability. These are great traits to have and can benefit you in pretty much any type of situation.

If you want to let people know you are ready body
language can help you a lot. Some simple tweaks to your posture and other things and you will exude confidence.


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