Reduce Stress – Psychological Resilience

Reduce Stress – Psychological Resilience

A situation might not be stressful in itself, but we can understand it as such. It is what happens most of the time, in fact.

I mean, let’s say you are in a traffic jam. What is dangerous about that? Nothing. Of course, you will be home (or at work) late, but will the fact of yelling, mumbling, honking or anything else make the cars in front of you move quicker? Will it change the situation? Will you be at home earlier?

You will be at home at the exact same time but much more angry than you would have been if you had worked mentally on it.

Reason yourself. You have many reasons to stress each day. Each day, there is a situation that can be a problem, that you have to solve. You don’t need to add other situations to that.

Turn the negative into a positive. If you know you have to drive to work and back home, if you know you have to sit in a traffic jam daily, then borrow or buy recorded books that you can “read” in your car while driving. Or listen to interesting podcasts. Learn a language. I mean, if you have to sit one hour or two in your car without being able to do much, why not learn Swedish or Japanese or whatever you don’t have the time to?

In short, find the positive in the situation. It is a question of training, so don’t expect being able to do that at once, but you can perfectly train yourself up to it.

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Find yourself some way to unleash your stress: What about a sport? Boxing? Karate? Or maybe less physical: Play World of Warcraft, Guildwars 2 or something like that. Or plan a relaxing dinner with your friends? Find some things that you like to do, that will let you relax so the level of hormones is falling or is canalized or “used”. Think about yourself.

Keep an active social network. Speak with your friends, in real life or on Facebook or LinkedIn or any other social network. Hold on to persons who are important for you: family, partner, friends… Keep in touch with them.

Find some activities which give you self-confidence: Become a volunteer in an association for a cause you sympathize with. What are your ideals? What would you like to do for whom or what? Whether you want to help sick children or homeless dogs, why not?

Give a meaning to your stress, so to speak. Help yourself becoming psychologically stronger.

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