Where Do I Find Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry Ketones have been bursting out onto the health and fitness scene as a miracle fat-burner.

Raspberry ketones are the primary chemical constituents that give raspberries their specific delicious scent. It has been discovered, on laboratory experiments performed on mice, that consumption of raspberry ketones helps the body to burn fat in a much more efficient way.


Raspberry ketones seem to interact with a hormone known as adiponectin. This hormone is released by the adipose tissue (fat cells) in the body after eating a meal. This hormone signals to the body that it is time to stop eating, as there have been enough nutrients that have entered the blood stream and it induces that feeling of satiety or fullness.

Studies have shown that those who are overweight or obese, or have a tendency to overeat, seem to have a lower amount of adiponectin being released by the adipose tissue. It seems that, through a series of other hormonal and biochemical interactions in the brain and body, satiety does not seem to be switched on, and therefore overweight individuals find it much easier to overeat.

Raspberry Ketones seems to help to increase the amount of adiponectin, thereby helping to curb hunger signals in the body. In addition, Raspberry Ketones seems to increase the rate at which fat cells are broken down, a process called lipolysis. This in combination with curbing the appetite results in overall weight loss.

Where Do I Find Raspberry Ketone?

Perhaps you heard about this product through the Dr Oz show. As he does not promote any one specific brand, it might be a bit confusing as to where to look in order to find raspberry ketone. However, we have some great news for you. Life & Food has a high quality Raspberry Ketone supplement, using the registered trademark Raspberi-K® extraction. Life & Food promises high quality products that are free from GMO, fillers and artificial ingredients and are manufactured in a GMP and FDA approved facility in the United States. There are 250mg per capsule, as opposed to the 100mg that you will see in many of the competitors’ Raspberry Ketones out there on the market. What’s more, the price is incredibly reasonable. Keep in mind that Raspberry Ketones should not be expensive – so if you see a product that is considerably more expensive than most of the others out there, be wary. It may be a scam!

Raspberry Ketones are safe and a great addition to any weight loss routine. Please remember that permanent weight loss can only occur with appropriate changes in your diet and lifestyle. You must be eating healthfully, with high servings of fruits and vegetables everyday and cutting back on the trans fats, refined, processed foods, and fatty meats. Choose lean meats or vegetarian proteins such as lentils and beans. Never skip breakfast. Most importantly, exercise regularly.

If you currently have any underlying medical conditions, please consult with your health care practitioner before taking on any nutritional supplement to help with a weight loss routine.