ZAQ Allay Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

ZAQ Allay Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

This awesome aromatherapy essential oil diffuser comes in three colors: Blue, orange and pink.

While the blue might be the most soothing color, you should really pick the one that is your favorite.

The diffuser is very easy to use. You fill in a 1/4 cup of water and a few drops of essential oil and start it. It will automatically shut off when the water is gone. This makes it safe to use, even if you have young children or pets around.

It will work 3-4 hours, before the water is used. And you can turn the light off, if you use it on your night table, and it bothers your sleep.

Aromatherapy has a known stress relieving effect, this diffuser makes it even better with its soothing colored light. It will make you relax, and it will even moisture your skin at the same time.

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The diffuser consists of 4 parts:
1. The base.
2. Electric adapter.
3. Inner cone.
4. Colored outer cone.

The ZAQ Allay diffuser doesn’t heat or burn the essential oil, which means that the properties of the oil are left intact. It breaks up the blending of essential oil and water with the help of its LiteMist technology so that it spreads a mist of micro-particles, which are dispersed into the air. Good and soothing smells fill the room and benefit all who are in it.

Pros: Automatically shuts off when the water is gone. Soothing aromatic smells. Calming and good looking colored lights. Ability to turn off the light. Small size can fit in everywhere. Doesn’t burn or heat the essential oil.

Cons: The price is higher than a few other diffusers. You can save some money by getting the orange model, though, and the pink is also slightly less expensive than the blue.

Conclusion: If you want stress relieve, a great way to obtain that is by getting the ZAQ Allay aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. With its soothing scents and calming colored lights you will feel relaxed and stress-free for hours.

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