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It comes to no surprise whenever we find mushrooms in our dish. These are often used as ingredients in order to make a meal more delicious. However, there are some that can be dangerous while there are also others that serve other purposes as well depending on the kind of mushroom you have. Doctors and […]

After visiting the Philippines to do research about the unemployment of Filipino Nurses, Nick Heywood-Smith found out that there was a big problem regarding nurses in the country who find it hard to land a job in their field of expertise. The unemployment rate of nurses is increasing every year as various schools all over […]

The Inonotus obliquus, also known as the Chaga mushroom, has been making waves in the medicine world. However, the most potent mushrooms hail from Siberia because they are exposed to temperatures below negative forty degrees Fahrenheit. Based from research, Siberian Chaga is known to have the highest antioxidant concentration out of the numerous natural foods […]

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