Body Language Culture review

Body language culture extends all the way back to when humans beings first began to populate the earth. The first human being could not speak because they had underdeveloped vocal cords. They could only make gutteral sounds like grunts. I bet you are wondering how they communicated with each other then.

Hand signs, signals and body language were used to communicate way back then. Body language and body position can tell others many things about you. It can tell how you are feeling and if you are lying, are happy, are sad. Body language culture can’t lie and it can give clues as to your true feelings, even though you may be saying something untrue.

Actions do speak louder than words. How you position yourself, the gestures you choose to use, and your facial expressions all communicate your feelings. Imagine the possibilities if you could train yourself to communicate effectively with others by getting your words and body language in sync with each other. This concept is mind-boggling!

Body Language Culture


Others will have more confidence in you if that is what you project. You can accomplish this by standing tall with shoulders back, looking people in the eye, and not stuttering when you speak. If you project uncertainty, other will feel uncertain about you and they will not put their trust in you.

This can happen when you slouch and seem confused about what it is you are talking about. Looking down and stumbling over your words, or mumbling will make people think you are unsure of yourself and lack confidence. How can you expect anyone else to feel confident about you when you have no confidence in yourself?

Try your best not to send mixed messages. If you sound like you know what you are talking about but your body language does not back you up then your audience will quickly become disinterested in what you are talking about.

Every position you put your body in during your day reveals how you are feeling at any given moment and it is relatively easy to figure out your next move by watching your movements and gestures. Test yourself when you are at work or out at a restaurant by watching others as they interact and see if you can figure out how each person is feeling through their body language.

For instance, you see two people having a conversation and one crosses her arms, turns slightly away, and refuses to make eye contact. what does this body language say? What message is her body sending? Her body is sending the message that she is upset and no longer wants to be having this conversation. If the other person does not stop talking she may even get up and leave.

On the other hand, if she is leaning in to the person she is talking to then you can be sure that her body language is saying that she wants to be right where she is.

Ever wonder about how some of the body language culture we do actually came to be? Take the hand shake. Experts say that the hand shake originated as a gesture of friendship in ancient times when visitors came to a camp. The strangers would extend their arms and hands with palms up to show that they held no weapons and no harm was intended to the people of the camp.


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