Finger Body Language review

Try to pay attention one day and see how much you use finger body language to send some type of message throughout your day. I bet it will be a lot. Using your hands to communicate is important in everyday situations.

Check out how many times you just point to something throughout your day. This is a form of finger body language. Be careful if you decide to do some traveling though, other cultures may not like what you are doing. In China, for example, it is considered very rude to point with your finger. You will need to learn to use your whole hand with your palm facing up when gesturing toward something when you travel to China.

If you have ever been out on a date and want to be sure that your date is interested in you, you should educate yourself on reading body language. Watch her closely to see what she is doing with her hands. If she is sitting back in her chair with her hands in her lap and is not engaged in the conversation she may not be that into you and will not accept a second date invitation.

Finger Body Language

If she is leaning in with her hands on the table twirling an object between her fingers or running her fingers along the stem of her wine glass while looking deeply into your eyes and smiling then she is definitely interested in pursuing a relationship with you.

Then again this can be a little tricky because if she is stroking the stem of the wine glass, not looking at you and not smiling she may just be bored with the whole situation and just want to leave. Like I said you need to make sure you know how to read the signs to know for sure.

In other areas, pay attention to how you beckon someone to come take a look at what you are doing. Do you crook your index finger to get someone to “come here”? Or, do you motion with all of your fingers in a wave towards you to tell that person you want them to come closer? There are many ways to show someone with your fingers and hands that you need them.

Any motion you choose that is directed toward you will tell someone you want them to come to you. If you extend your index finger toward the person and then forcefully point to the ground in front of you they will know you want them to come stand in front of you.

This is usually reserved for situations that are intense and stressful, like a competitive sporting event with a close score. Your coach may use this gesture when there is a break in the action to pass on some knowledge or advice on how to win the game.

There are all kinds of finger body language that people use for all situations. Pay attention to yourself and other people in your quest for understanding it all.


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