Goodbye Worries by Roberta Shapiro

Goodbye Worries by Roberta Shapiro

“Goodbye Worries” is guided meditation CD by Roberta Shapiro that will help you obtain deep relaxation and lasting well-being.

If you keep being disturbed by stressful thoughts causing anxiety, then simply listening to soothing music might not be enough. In that case, or just for relaxation, guided meditation is the solution.

Few can do it better than Roberta Shapiro. Customers praise her soothing voice, and she is gently guiding the listener to a deep state of relaxation. In this state there is no room for stress or anxiety.

Roberta Shapiro will help you train your mind to quiet your thoughts and to put up a barrier to keep the out.

On this CD, “Goodbye Worries”, you’ll get 5 tracks. The introduction tells you about Roberta Shapiro’s experience with hypnosis and guided meditation. The other tracks are meant to be used one at a time to take you to a deep level of relaxation and to eliminate your stress and anxiety.

All tracks contain both music and a guided meditation. You can listen to excerpts here:

Customers talk about getting relief from both stress, anxiety and sleep problems. And the reviews also point out that Roberta Shapiro has a very pleasant and soothing voice. This is a very important point, when it comes to hypnosis and guided meditation.

This CD has not just helped people get rid of stress. It has also had a huge impact on people, who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks.

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