Introduction to Stress killer.

Introduction to Stress killer

Before we can start to go deep into the problem of what stress is, and what it is not, let’s take a quick look around at what we are going to talk about.

First of all, it is important to note that stress is a very natural and significant biological mechanism. All mammals are born with it, and it is, actually, something, which is designed to help us out of critical situations.

It is the same mechanism as the one called “fight-or-flight”-mechanism. In cases when our lives are in danger, or when we are in certain situations, the stress mechanism helps us to survive. It helps us either to confront the situation or to get away from it.

Stress isn’t only something happening in our head. It is not only a psychological state of mind, but it is also physical. Some hormones are produced to keep us alert and alive and these hormones have an influence on us, physically and psychologically.

But in modern times, we can’t always escape or fight. If you begin to Stress in the traffic jam, you cannot just flee, escape or fight. Fight whom? Where? Escape where to? Why? How?

In these cases, stress is just piling up in us. We keep on producing these hormones, and cannot use them for anything. A bit like a hamster in a wheel, running and running but not going anywhere, and at the end, we burn out.

In short, we could say that the thing that helped us and kept us alive earlier, is now killing us.

What is important to remember, and what we are going to talk about in these articles, is that, first of all, since stress is a response to something happening, that means that there is a reason why we are stressed. And it means that there are symptoms:

Reason -> Stress -> Symptoms.

Therefore, we are going to talk about the different reasons for stress, where does it come from, how it influences us and the symptoms it gives and how our body and soul react to it and of course what can be done about it.

In short:

– What is stress, exactly?
– Short term stress and long-term stress.
– Where does stress come from?
– What are the symptoms of stress?
– The biology of stress.

Now… Let’s get started! xxx

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