Nick Heywood-smith Helps Out Filipino Nurses

After visiting the Philippines to do research about the unemployment of Filipino Nurses, Nick Heywood-Smith found out that there was a big problem regarding nurses in the country who find it hard to land a job in their field of expertise. The unemployment rate of nurses is increasing every year as various schools all over the archipelago continue to produce nursing graduates yet the country could not provide all of them with job opportunities. This causes them to venture in other fields like working for Business Process Outsourcing companies.

Nick was also able to find out that some of the nurses in the country who work in local hospitals do not receive sufficient compensation. Others are even required to pay a certain amount to health care establishments in order for them to work there and gain enough experience for them to land a regular job in a hospital or for them to have a higher chance of getting accepted as nurses abroad. This problem started way back when being a nurse was perceived in the Philippines to be a solution to have a better life, financial-wise.

Working abroad is one of the main alternatives being considered by unemployed Filipino nurses. Nick knows that Australia needs workers in the field of aged care but a lot of “Pinoys” need to take some courses first in order to pass requirements establish in the land down under. Taking these courses requires additional expenses and they are not available locally as well. In a move to help a lot of people, Nick partnered with We Care Home Health Care (a company based in Cebu, Philippines) to offer training which would help nurses get familiar with Australian health care and improve their chances of landing a job overseas.

At present, We Care Home Health Care continues to provide training to several aspiring health care workers. They also provide services such as private nursing, caregiving, home-serviced therapy, Home-serviced medical consultation, and a lot more. The institution has been running for 3 years now and still continues to strive to achieve their mission and vision of providing high-standard, yet affordable, health care not only in their own country but to the rest of the world.

This move by Nick Heywood-Smith to help out unemployed nursing graduates is definitely a big help. Not only it would help a lot of families in the Philippines, it would also help out the aged care field in Australia. If it continues to be successful, this is basically a win-win situation for both aforementioned countries and could be a blessing to thousands of people.

Nick Heywood-Smith is a registered physiotherapist and CEO of Wellness & Lifestyles Australia (W&L) which specialises in aged care and provides mobile allied health services to clients and facilities across Australia.