Orthotic Arch Support

Foot disorders are not necessarily caused by having high or “fallen” arches. Many people who have them don’t show physical symptoms of suffering from the disorder initially. However, even if one doesn’t experience foot pain, it does not exclude it from being the source of it. The true problem usually lies in how the arch functions while moving.

As such, the most effective solution for addressing most foot imbalances is wearing orthotic arch supports or foot insoles. Orthotic arch supports do much more than help people to improve foot health and prevent further injury. They are in fact designed primarily to address the foot dysfunction that usually manifests itself as: pain at the base of the foot, ankle area, knee ligaments and lower back vertebrae. Most of these are caused by some type of failure in the foot arch.

There may be some confusion as to what is meant by terms ‘orthotics’ and ‘insoles’. It is important you know the difference between the two in order to understand the verbiage when you speak to your podiatrist. Orthotics are insoles by definition, but when used in every day language the term ‘insoles’ usually refers to sports and cushioning insoles, while ‘orthotics’ refers to insoles that provide arch support.

If you don’t want to pay a visit to a podiatrist, you can order a shippable kit from companies that provide this innovative service. You are provided with a casting box which allows you to make a perfect impression of your feet. Once you send it back to the manufacturer, they will design arch supports that mirror your feet and are customized to your unique foot contours. This type of arch support is suitable for those that have high arches but not flat feet. For people with fallen arches, the best option would be to purchase arch support insoles that are placed where the foot arch is normally located and can flex when walking or running.

When shopping for orthotic arch support insoles, it’s recommended you look for those made from sponge rubber material. While inexpensive, these arch supports can be as effective as those made from much more expensive material. In fact, for those who have flat arches, they are more beneficial than custom orthotics. Another affordable option for orthotic arch support you should consider is so-called ‘instant arches’. They are glued into the shoe and fit securely in most footwear.

Considering the availability and variety of orthotic arch supports in today’s marketplace, there shouldn’t be any excuse for anyone to continue suffering from foot pain, especially if it can be alleviated by simply placing a pair of rubber insoles into one’s shoes.

Anson Burke is regular contributor to Health92, where blogs regularly about orthotics, flat feet and and way in how to alleviate foot problems

- 5 Years ago

Great topic, but confusing right from the start. There’s no such thing as an “Orthotic Arch Support.” It’s either a custom foot orthotic that’s made from scratch, a premade arch support or shoe insole. Secondly, fallen arches are the cause of practically every foot disorder regardless of a symptom being present; disorders are present long before pain. Lastly, the suggested solution of, “wearing orthotic arch supports or foot insoles” is potentially harmful.

Fact is that orthotics are helpful and are recommended b/c they have the potential to create change. Let’s not forget that if something can cause benefit it must also have the potential to cause harm. Placing a premade, call it whatever you like, into your shoe is not a good idea. You’re changing 25% of your body’s skeleton as 25% of the bones in the body are in the feet. This is not a game to pick and choose the one with the best packaging and colors. This is about changing lives and foot function and that requires both accuracy and precision. All orthotics are NOT created equal! Inserts, insoles, arch supports and products that can be ordered online don’t even qualify.

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