Menopause anxiety and depression concerns

Obviously, women experience physical changes during menopause. Anxiety and depression increases among menopausal women show that psychological changes occur, too. Fortunately, there are varieties of treatment options available that can help with these problems. When one looks at some of the options available for use by women during menopause, anxiety and depression may not seem quite a frightening.


The use of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications (many of these actually overlap) can be very helpful for women in menopause. Anxiety and depression are spurred not only by the physical changes of the process, but also in the symbolic significance in terms of a changing life and aging that associate it.

The use of prescribed pharmaceuticals can assist in symptom management. Menopause anxiety and depression are usually quite treatable with medication (if correctly administered and used in accordance with other physician directives), making the use of prescription drugs popular among women in these circumstances.


Although many cases of may be directly linked to hormonal changes within the body, other cases are either caused or spurred by outside factors, as well. Many women have found that therapy can be a great tool in fighting mental illness.

Not only will a good therapist provide insight and teach coping skills, they can also provide a friendly listening ear. Often, the ability to talk about life and its changes with someone in a confidential and supporting setting can make life a great deal easier. Therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with prescription medications and offers one good way by which many can combat mental illness during menopause.

Hormone Replacement

Hormone replacement therapy (often referred to simply as HRT) is an often-pursued means of handling both the physical challenges menopause produces and the psychological, including menopause anxiety and depression.

HRT can make the transition through life smoother and this, in turn, can stave off the appearance of anxiety and depression symptoms in some women. In many cases, the psychological problems that occur during menopause seem to be directly related to hormonal changes. In others, the physical trials of menopause act as triggers for anxiety or depression. Thus, HRT can work in at least two different ways to help.

Menopause can be challenging enough without have to be concerned with the onset of diagnosable mental health disorders. One can, however, fight menopause anxiety and depression using one of several strategies. Any woman who feels she may be depressed or experiencing a panic disorder should immediately seek medical guidance.

Depression and anxiety are not inevitable outgrowths of normal bodily changes. They are avoidable and treatable if one seeks professional help. The symptoms associated with both anxiety and depression are sufficiently serious to warrant taking action if you feel you may be experiencing a problem. You can handle menopause; anxiety and depression don’t have to hold you back!

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Menopause anxiety and depression

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